July 18, 2013

The Three Of Video Door Phone

Not going to plunge us a go, or have a care. I patted the shoulders of fat. I am a person on the line, I was lucky no problem, in case I would have happened, you have to put everyone safe with out it. Video door entry. Not to mention so tragic, I'll go with you. I thought I got it wrong. You go with me? No kidding, if there is any danger, my own one easy to get out, you go along, I'm afraid you can not take care. Video door entry. Said who was not allowed to take care of so and so, anyway, can not let you own a tomb of Queen adventure. Then she took the the Chu Jian hands of sporting rifle over, crashed kicked bolt, see the bullet is filled with a push bolt to the top of the bullet loaded her two erupted see I secretly spit the tongue, will afford the expert is also a bit of the gun really did not see it. We're each busy packing application equipment, the fat man said to me quietly, Hu said, I think she looks at you not Duijin Er ah, is not a bit mean to you?

This where glue? I laughed a little. I think you fuckin bad is the eyes, I did not see it, you see it? I told her not interested, too strong woman we can not dare to say, our Father to look at that I brought back a little girls, not dismemberment. And if there is any, can also help to everyone to help villa video door phone to absolutely fine ancient city. I see being the case, I can not help but go, both of them if a mishap, my heart safely, let the fat left to take care of three students. The fat one do not want to. Nursery aunt live how the property? The three of you go, I do not trust going to go with you, or anyone we do not go.

Please rest assured that there are the treasures of gold and of silver, I have not and will not take that. Chu Kin Door Bell and other one not take them into the pleading apace, in any case want to go in and see, this opportunity was too good, all the way through the black desert, how much to eat the bitter came later, how can Do not look at this most important Queen's tomb? This way everyone should go to those who are left frail, while awake for a while confused leaf heart how to do? Leaf heart is also added some cold saline, at the moment has been some effort, said to the crowd. You do not leave me alone here, my body no problem, and I go in together. I saw that this would be trouble, and fat ability then, also according to Gubuguolai the five ah, not to mention full of some of the elderly and women Confucianism, it is the big man Chu Jian help us a little better. I said to the crowd. Or so the bar, I first look inside a person, if there is no danger, then we go in together. If I go over forty-five hours not come out, you do not wait for me, never again into this tomb, get out of here. Said the fat man.

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