November 13, 2013

Video Door Phone Song Gangs

Tiger temple in Fuyu manpower is two, the other half brothers and cousins are staying Eagle H, where there is Wendong heart, wow gold have to be treated with caution, leaving the heavily guarded to prevent the attack video door phone, another he is also interested in hidden strength, ready to bring in the critical moment, to video door phone with a fatal blow. At this point, the tiger and the dragon temple hall hire Fuyu played a collapse paste clinics, both sides have injury. Video door phone with a number of names brother, the city is looking for car Song Gangs whereabouts. Song is just sitting in the car at this time, the city wander.

Not that he was looking for someone, but during his tour around the battlefield situation, like a mobile phone exploded in general, call one by one, from the beginning to the end had not stopped. He was in town the East a West one of the parades, although war does not produce much of an impact, however, allows the dark team quite a headache, can not grasp his video door phone casualties, but also make life difficult for the government it off, but not the same as the Yamaguchi-gumi, for them, but not the slightest Wendong compassion, but how many of these people either dead, just dispose of the body clean, without being seen themselves there would be trouble. Jiang Sen that did not polite, attack, can be used on all weapons are used, they only destroy each other as soon as possible. In their frenzied attack, the Yamaguchi-gumi numerous deaths and injuries, the fall in droves. When Jiang Sen and five brothers led the blood to kill people to break the door, into the restaurant when the wow gold Danfei cigarette butts, he understands that the restaurant where the enemy army covered the distance is only a matter of time. His faint smile, stick body back to the car. Liu had not eliminated with, asked. East Brother, Where? Go look at the small cool and Song just played how well. Wow gold opened the abundance of doors, sit on board.

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