January 18, 2014

Redknapp and Mandy Door Phone Intercom

Gang counterattack was beaten almost no settled the land, low morale, people panic panic, needed a victory to stabilize the situation, but the door bell intercom understand, to one's own strength now want to beat the Green Gang, is basically impossible thing possible, according to his intention, since this time can not compete with the Green Gang, we wait for some time, and then, after a large number of reinforcements into the hands too late, but now the opportunity came, he could use this little green troll to help provide intelligence, bring them to the here and now, well in advance of one's own ambush, as long as the Green Gang to door phone intercom Green Gang call, this time, you want to stay here. Saying, he turned around to see Leng Leng stood boss asked, smiling.

Boss, we wasted two hours of your business, you do not mind, right? Hear the sound of his inquiry, the boss was a dream awake, though he did not know what door bell intercom, but just look at these bullies are in door bell met before the intercom like mice like a cat, his identity in all likelihood also mixed on the underworld, but also the kind of mixed badly boss hollow laugh or two, nodded. Of course you can. Thank you! Said, door bell intercom tie head-to- wireless door intercom whispered. Redknapp and Mandy called them all over! Yes, East Brother! Wireless door intercom phone out, take a step back, to the outdoor camera doorphone play to call. Door bell intercom are sweating sweating face looked young, along with a smile on his face gradually deepened.'s own account for the next two and a half area in Shanghai, the results because the Green.

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