June 15, 2013

Outdoor Camera who had

Senior officer shouted, looking away over the earthwork. Suddenly something happened; the boy-officer groaned, and whirling round sat down on the ground, like a bird shot on the wing. All seemed strange, indistinct, and darkened before Outdoor Camera eyes. One after another the cannon balls came whistling, striking the breastwork, the soldiers, the cannons.

Outdoor Camera, who had scarcely heard those sounds before, now could hear nothing else. On the right side of the battery, soldiers, with shouts of hurrah, were running, not forward, it seemed to Outdoor Camera, but back. A cannon ball struck the very edge of the earthwork, before door bell which Outdoor Camera was sitting, and sent the earth flying; a dark, round mass flashed just before his eyes, and at the same instant flew with a thud into something. The militiamen, who had been coming into the battery, ran back. All with grapeshot! shouted the officer.

The sergeant ran up to the officer, and in a frightened whisper just as at a dinner the butler will sometimes tell the host that there is no more of some wine asked for said that there were no more charges. The scoundrels, what are they about? shouted the officer, turning to Outdoor Camera. The senior officer's face was red and perspiring, his piercing eyes video door bell



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