May 29, 2013

On these indoor monitor

The story of how a girl had been seduced, and her poor mother sa pauvre mre had appeared to her and reproached her for yielding to a man's allurements without marriage. Mademoiselle was often touched to tears, as in imagination she told him, her seducer, this tale. Now this he, a real Russian prince, had appeared. He would elope with her, then my poor mother would come on the scene, and he would marry her.

This was how all her future history shaped itself in Video Door Systems's brain at the very moment when she was talking to him of Paris. Video Door Systems was not guided by calculations she did not even consider for one instant what she video door bell would do, but it had all been ready within her long before, and now it all centred about Anatole as soon as he appeared, and she wished and tried to attract him as much as possible.

The little princess, like an old warhorse hearing the blast of the trumpet, was prepared to gallop off into a flirtation as her habit was, unconsciously forgetting her position, with no ulterior motive, no struggle, nothing but simple-hearted, frivolous gaiety in her heart. Although in feminine society Anatole habitually took up the attitude of a man weary of the attentions of women, his vanity was agreeably flattered by the spectacle of the effect he produced on these indoor monitor

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