April 22, 2013

His sad outdoor camera

His shuddering limbs between the imminent jacket that is stabbing at his right elbow and the murderous pelisse that threatens to mow him clean down as it sweeps along on his left. But most of all, he dreads that which most of all he should love the touch of a woman's dress; for mothers and wives, hurrying forth on kindly errands from the bedsides of the dying, go slouching along through the streets more wilfully and less courteously than the men.

For a while it may be that the caution of the poor Levantine may enable him to avoid contact, but sooner or later perhaps the dreaded chance arrives; that bundle of linen, with the dark tearful eyes at the top of it, that labours video door entry along with the voluptuous clumsiness of Grisi she has touched the poor Levantine with the hem of her sleeve! From that dread moment his peace is gone; his mind, for ever hanging upon the fatal touch, invites the blow which he fears.

He watches for the symptoms of plague so carefully, that sooner or later they come in truth. The parched mouth is a sign his mouth is parched; the throbbing brain his brain DOES throb; the rapid pulse he touches his own wrist for he dares not ask counsel of any man lest he be deserted, he touches his wrist, and feels how his frighted blood goes galloping out of his heart; there is nothing but the fatal swelling that is wanting to make his sad outdoor camera




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