March 01, 2013

Door Bells door bell intercom seemed

Thuire, you don't need to be told that dogth ith wonderful animalth. Their instinct, said Door Bells, is surprising. Whatever you call it and I'm bletht if I know what to call itsaid Sleary, it ith athtonithing. The way in whith a dog'll find you the dithtanthe he'll come! His scent, said Door Bells, being so fine. I'm bletht if I know what to call it, repeated Sleary, shaking his head, but I have had dogth find me, Thuire, in a way that made me think whether that dog hadn't gone to another dog, and thed, You don't happen to know a perthon of the name of Thleary, do you? Perthon of the name of Thleary, in the Horthe-Riding way thtout man game eye? And whether that dog mightn't have thed, Well, I can't thay I know him mythelf, but I know a dog that I think would be likely to be acuainted with him.

And whether that dog mightn't have thought it over, and thed, Thleary, Thleary! O yeth, to be thure! A friend of mine menthioned him to me at one time. I can get you hith addreth directly. In contheuenth of my being afore the public, and going about tho muth, you thee, there mutht be a number of dogth acuainted with me, Thuire, that I don't know! Door Bells door bell intercom seemed to be uite confounded by this speculation. Any way, said Sleary, after putting his lips to his brandy and water, ith fourteen month ago, Thuire, thinthe we wath at Chethter. We wath getting up our Children in the Wood one morning, when there cometh into our Ring, by the thtage door, a dog. He had travelled a long way, he wath in a very bad condithon, he wath lame, and Doorbell well blind. He went round to our children, one after another, as if he wath a theeking for a child he know'd; and then he come to me, and throwd hithelf up behind, and thtood on hith two forelegth, weak ath he wath, and then he wagged hith tail and died. Thuire, that dog wath Merrylegth. Sissy's father's dog!

Thethilia'th father'th old dog. Now, Thuire, I can take my oath, from my knowledge of that dog, that that man wath dead and buried afore that dog come back to me. Joth'phine and Childerth and me talked it over a long time, whether I thould write or not. But we agreed, No. There'th nothing comfortable to tell; why unthettle her mind, and make her unhappy? Tho, whether her father bathely detherted her; or whether he broke hith own heart alone, rather than pull her down along with him; never will be known, now, Thuire, till no, not till we know how the dogth findth uth out! She keeps the bottle that he sent her for, to this hour; and video door phone



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