May 20, 2013

Door Bell had driven

Archduchess, too, wished to see him. He did not know whom to answer, and for a few seconds he was trying to collect his ideas. The Russian ambassador took him by the shoulder, led him away to a window, and began to talk to him. Contrary to Bilibin's prognostications, the news he brought was received with rejoicing. A thanksgiving service was arranged. Kutuzov was decorated with the great cross of Maria Theresa, and rewards were bestowed on the whole army.

Bolkonsky received invitations on all hands, and had to spend the whole morning paying visits to the principal personages in the Austrian Government. After paying his visits, Door Bell at five o'clock in the door bell evening, was returning homewards to Bilibin's, mentally composing a letter to his father about the battle and his reception at Br? nn. At the steps of Bilibin's house stood a cart packed half full of things, and Franz.

Bilibin's servant, came out of the doorway, with difficulty dragging a travelling-trunk. Before going back to Bilibin's Door Bell had driven to a book-seller's to lay in a stock of books for the campaign, and had spent some time in the shop. What is it? asked Bolkonsky. Ah, your excellency! said Franz, with some exertion rolling the trunk on the cart. We are to move on still farther. The scoundrel is already at our heels again

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